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One of my very first posts was about a home robot. I was exciting to know that we are finally coming closer to the dream of having robots do things for us that we don’t want to waste our time on. The only problem was that it was an expensive product that no one in their right minds would buy.

Zenbo is only $600 which is the price of an iPhone so I think Asus made an incredible robot that can be extremely popular very soon.

Connects to and controls smart home devices, including lights, TVs, air conditioners, and appliances for ultimate rest and relaxation. With Zenbo’s built-in screen, you can even view visitors at the door and then unlock it with your voice.

Imagine not having to look for any remote ever again. You could say you can connect your TV to your phone, but I will say I am super lazy and getting the app on my phone to launch is just so much work.

Imagine being able to talk to a robot and have a conversation with him/her. You could say “ever heard of Siri?” , well I am going to say yes I have heard of her and Siri doesn’t express emotion like Zenbo does.

Zenbo could be a part of your family for the cheap price of $600. He/She can be useful in emergencies, entertainment, and in basically any situation you would use google for. I am super excited to see Zenbo come out to the open markets. Zenbo is cheap and I think its worth it to buy it because it might just be the next “common household invention “.




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