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The microwave became a common household appliance at the year 1967. Now the common everything appliance is a smartphone. We became so technologically advanced that our PHONES can basically control everything in our house. This includes most kitchen appliances, security systems and TV’s. It is only natural for someone to invent so cool smartphone gadgets.

Easy Macro

A simple solution to external camera lenses. It’s easy to put on and easy to take off. I works well and it looks cool. It’s an easy fix to our blurry camera problems. This gadget can become extremely popular, especially now that smartphones are starting to be accepted as educational “aide”. I am sure in the near future schools will start to buy this gadget and get their students to use them for science projects and other cool educational things.

Thin Charge


I have seen things like this before and I did not like it. In fact there are tons of new ways to charge your phones and I think most of them are extremely useless. I actually have a lot to say about certain chargers that I think you should avoid so if you want me to write about simply tell me in the comment sections. 

This charger however is pretty cool! Its not like the other charging cases where the case is extremely thick and bulky. This case is actually thin, obviously its in the name , and it is a great charger. I think this is really useful especially because I usually charge my phone 3 times a day and when I go out my phone will definitely run out of battery so I think this case is extremely cool and extremely useful.


This is by far my favorite gadget out of the 50 gadgets that I have seen TODAY. I am a huge fan of doing things myself and showing people my creative side so this is a really cool case for me. Basically its a case that you can customize to fit your personal needs. You can give it a laser pointer, a SD card reader, an extra battery, a flashlight and a many more super cool gadgets that you would have to buy separately anywhere else and for a lot more.

Some of the coolest modules that you can get are

  • Breathalyzer
  • Hotkey
  • Laser pointer
  • loudspeaker
  • USB stick

The Nexpaq is an awesome smartphone gadget in my opinion and I will definitely buy it the second I see it in stores

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