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There are many ways to make life more interesting. You can be more exciting and do something that will give you an adrenaline rush or you can invest in something that interests you. Here are 3 cool gadgets that will make life a little more interesting.

Structure Sensor

This is a cool gadgets that many kids would probably LOVE to have in the house. This gadget basically allows you to play games in your house through a 3D perspective. If that doesn’t make sense here is a video to make it a little clearer.

This gadget will make playing at home fun and easy. The Structure Sensor easily straps on to your iPad but processing a room or something that is cluttered will be really hard for a kid to scan, I suggest playing on the table. Overall this is a cool product if you have enough money to spend on it. You can get a good deal on amazon by clicking here.

Wave Touch jet

I don’t have a Smart TV! I have a normal TV that can do everything a Smart TV can do and all I had to do was spend a few bucks on a Roku to give my TV all the cool apps that a smart TV would have. I was happy until someone told me they have a touch screen TV. They were bragging about how they spend thousands of dollars on this TV that can do amazing things. I’ll admit I was jealous at first but then something awesome was invented.

The Wave Touchjet is a awesome gadget that can turn your normal TV into a touchscreen TV. This awesome piece of tech can do everything a touchscreen can do and that  includes

  • Presentations for your hard to impress boss
  • Impress your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend or whatever you enjoy
  • You can even play games on it like FRUIT NINJA

The second this comes out I will be sure to get it and brag about it because I only spent about $200 which is ten times less than what my friend spent.

Next Drive Plug

I am what some people call a “tech person”. I like tech and I understand it for the most part but the one piece of tech that I absolutely hate is the “cloud”. Any “cloud” I HATE IT! I have tried it multiple times and each time I either lost something or I can’t access something and its just so ANNOYING.

The NextDrive Plug is my life saver. I love USB’s but there is no USB for my phone so most of the time I either transfer documents/pictures from my phone to my computer to another persons email or I just sit there mad and end up not showing my friends anything. I also really hate the fact that my phones storage SUCKS. All my devices have really bad storage because I don’t like spending an extra $100 on storage when I can buy an external storage with the same amount of space for less.

I have a lot of USB’s and I love them because they keep me organized. I would never use my phone for something important until now because now I have a phone USB FINALLY!




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