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Dash-i Micro SD – Extra Memory for Your iPad

Never remain out of memory on your iPad with Dash-i Micro SD, the perfect external storage to have with you at any step. It is

smart watch

Store Energy to Use it Anywhere with JunoJumper

Move a physical quantity of energy with JunoJumper, the small and convenient gadget ought to helping you charge any device. From cars to smartphones, tables


Charge Your Phone on the Go with RapidX

Avoid negotiating ever again whose turn is to charge his phone while traveling by car with RapidX. Using a ground-breaking technology, this gadget helps you


Charby Sense Auto Cutoff Cable

Take care of your most loved technology devices without paying an arm and a leg with the Charby Sense Auto Cutoff Cable. Using this revolutionary


ATOMIC ALARM – Charge your Phone Through It

Discover the pleasure of having all the details into one place with the Atomic Alarm, the perfect gadget to have from morning till dawn. Featuring

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AMPY MOVE – Your Wearable Motion Charger

Charge your batteries literally and figuratively speaking with the revolutionary AMPY MOVE, the first wearable motion charger in this whole wide world. This smart device

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SMART WARMER – For Both Your Hands and Phone

Keep your hands always warm regardless of the actual weather with the Smart Warmer. It comes with two functions. One of them charges your phone

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LOGIIX – Your Long and Durable Charing Cable

Get rid of moving stuff around your home to get the right electricity angle with the Logiix. This ground-breaking creation is basically a charging cable.


GARY 2.0 – Automatically Organize Your Earphones & Cables

Explore a world with no tangled earphones or cables with a brand new concept, known as Gary 2.0. This little buddy is the perfect gadget


FENSENS – Smart Parking Sensor

Drive your car without any stress while using FenSens, the right parking sensor that shows all you need to know. Featuring a set of ultrasonic