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For all you apple lovers and gym lovers there is finally a product just for you. This awesome product is called the Tangram Smart Rope and the price ranges from about $89 – $260.

The cool thing about this product is that it counts the amount of times you successfully jumped for you and it even shows it to you. Its tough trying to remember how many times you jumped and its also annoying. I mean I want to feel like Rocky just as much as the next guy but every time I start jump roping I get really annoyed because all I find myself doing is counting and losing breath as the numbers get larger. This cool rope keeps track of the number of times I jump so I can easily doze off and hit my goals faster without even having to think about it.

Sure this is a luxury product in some ways but I think its worth just as much as that “ab maker” most of us bought for around $50-$200 and failed at using because of how bulky or uncomfortable it is. This isn’t just a glorified rope its also a fitness tracker. You can track and set fitness goals. This is just like a running watch except its for jump roping which is pretty cool. If that didn’t persuade you to at least check out the product then maybe this will. ITS LIGHT AND YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE!

If you are interested check it out on Amazon  



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