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We all want to be smart drivers but we can’t all be smart drivers because some of us

  • Lack hand eye coordination
  • Don’t know anything about cars
  • Aren’t good at controlling speed

Now its OK to not naturally be a smart driver because now there is tech to help you be a smart driver


This small device will help you be aware of

  • Where you parked your car
  • How long your meter is and if you can reach it in time from where you currently are

Best part is that its really cheap, only $15.


This awesome device allows you to use your car to its full potential without harming it.

  • Save fuel (up to 15%) and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Stay in the sweet spot and stop burning money
  • Drive smart all the time keeping your family and society safer
  • Track all your car’s cost, trips, and your performance on your phone.

If you are into being green or if you’re just plain into saving money than this will be a smart investment for you. This will help you with budget planing, saving money and helping the environment.


This is one of those gadgets that helps you get the a laxury experience for a cheaper price. There are many luxury cars that have navigation on their windshield but not all of us can afford that so no we have an awesome gadget that lets us give our car a nice little upgrade. The HUDWAY Glass basically takes the image on your phone and displays it on the screen of your car. This lets you do more than just navigation, it also lets you

  • Talk to friends
  • Have a meeting
  • Show you how fast you’re going
  • Even watch a movie while in traffic


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