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Just like everyone else my TV is really important to me. It’s been there through the tough breakups, the fist fights, the detentions, and even through marriage. It kills me to get a new TV because my old one doesn’t have something the new one has. I mean they both show the same content the only difference one is touch screen or 3D or bigger. Now I have a solution to two of those problems.

Wave Touchjet

If you are a “regular” then you already know what this awesome gadget is so please share this website with your friends on social media before skipping to the next awesome gadget!

I don’t have a Smart TV! I have a normal TV that can do everything a Smart TV can do and all I had to do was spend a few bucks on a Roku to give my TV all the cool apps that a smart TV would have. I was happy until someone told me they have a touch screen TV. They were bragging about how they spend thousands of dollars on this TV that can do amazing things. I’ll admit I was jealous at first but then something awesome was invented.

The Wave Touchjet is a awesome gadget that can turn your normal TV into a touchscreen TV. This awesome piece of tech can do everything a touchscreen can do and that  includes

  • Presentations for your hard to impress boss
  • Impress your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend or whatever you enjoy
  • You can even play games on it like FRUIT NINJA

The second this comes out I will be sure to get it and brag about it because I only spent about $200 which is ten times less than what my friend spent.

Edison 3D – Make ANY TV a 3DTV

Alright I love to get the products that have the same quality as the expensive version product for a price that is WAY cheaper. Like the Touchjet this awesome gadget transforms your current normal TV into a 3D TV.

It is currently in the Kickstart stage but in a month this awesome product will be out for you to buy. I suggest buying this product early while its on sale because a product this cool will definitely be sold out for awhile. Click here if you want to check it out! 

Here is the indiegogo commercial video if you want to learn a little more about this 3D TV maker.



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