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There has been a lot of “hype” about wireless charging pads and how these pads can fix many problems that the normal cable chargers have. Before we get into the good lets talk about the bad because these chargers are not perfect.

The Bad

Believe it or not the bad is really just how it works and how it looks.

This is a short summary of how it works

The magnetic field creates a current in the coil inside the device. This coil is connected to the battery and the current charges the battery. Devices must have the appropriate hardware in them to support wireless charging — a device without the appropriate coil can’t charge wirelessly.

Now you can see the problem. There are many phones that use the tech needed for wireless charging but there are also many phones that don’t.

Another problem with how it works is that its not just place it an go like some people think. Some of these pads need you to put your phone in a certain position before it can get charged. For example the Samsung wireless Qi station lights up if you don’t position the phone right which suggests there is a wrong way to position your phone.

It has a built-in LED indicator light to alert you if your device is not properly aligned and when a good charge alignment is acquired (LED lights up blue).

We also have the issue of the design. Some of these pads look pretty casual or classy and that’s a good thing because a charging isn’t something that should really pop out in your living room. Then there are other chargers that do pop out like the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate which is a really good wireless charger but it also looks like a tampon. I think a simple design like the Choe Wireless Charging Pad is the best way to go.

The Good

This is a wireless charging pad. Sure it isn’t perfect but it does eliminate many problems that the usual charging cable has. The wireless charging pads are pretty simple to use and there are a few that look pretty good. For the most part they charge your phones quicker than the usual charger and they don’t have any “entanglement” problems. For those of us that like to live in the future this will be a cool invention to own.

I’ll be honest when I first heard about the wireless charging pads I thought the same thing most people thought. I thought about coming home and not having to plug my phones charger in and putting my phone on charge at night without having to use my brain to plug the charger in. Sadly this isn’t the case but this is still an awesome invention. I think I’ll wait until they perfect this idea and this become a normal phone accessory before I buy it.

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